Third party installed packages dissapearing

So, recently some of my projects third party installed npm packages are getting removed by itself and contantly getting error like (“modules not found”) when I clearly installed the module before. Anyway to know why does it keep deleting itself? Ty.

Hey @Blox101, here’s what I think is happening:

Every Glitch project restarts every 12 hours. When a project restarts, it’s restored from scratch and its node modules are reinstalled at that time.

Occasionally the install step gets hung up on something and fails. That’s what you’re seeing when Glitch complains about not being able to find modules - those modules didn’t get installed because the install step failed.

Typically this can be resolved by running enable-pnpm in the console.

Hope this helps!

Ah. After installing pnpm, do I need to re install the npm package again? And if yes, how would I do that? Do I run the command npm install or pnpm install?

Executing that command will trigger the package install step again. Typically reinstalling resolves missing package issues as long as there’s not some other sort of problem. If that doesn’t resolve your issues the. Come back and let us know your project name and we can take a closer look.