This month’s Code Jam is all about rainbows 🌈

Happy June! We love and create rainbows a lot at Glitch, and know that the web is better when everyone can express themselves, so what better theme to jam together during this Pride month than rainbows? Whether you’re honoring LGBTQIA+ history or simply making the web a lot more fun, colorful, and welcoming - create and share with the community your interpretation of this rainbow prompt.

Head to right now to learn more about what jams are, how to submit your projects, and see what the community made for past jams. And a huge shout out goes to all of you who taught us a thing in last month’s #teachathing jam!

We can’t wait to see and share what creative, colorful projects you come up with!

an extremely rainbow-bright Blingee gif with a little Spongebob, a couple of hearts and stars and a lot of animated sparkles in rainbow colors


I made this for the rainbow jam


why does it get super huge when it hits a corner lol

I made google page that slowly decomposes in 1 hour

(I overcomplicate the code so that the back end fetches google top page by polling and returns it to the front end…)


Cool! I noticed the footer seems to be near the top.

I really like how the background colors match the colors of the logo so some of the letters go away from time to time based on the background color. They just blend in. Very cool!


I let it run overnight


That looks so cool!

it just says “google” for me


It shows the text google if something is broken. Congrats!

Because the official Brat generator is not faithful (they just add blur, but no jpeg artifacts!!!), I had to make one. I made it as a jam submission because you can pick your favorite color combination :rainbow:

Still work in progress, I need to work on adjusting the size, centering, new line etc. If you don’t know, I am talking about Charli xcx’s new album aka the album of the year :mirror_ball: