"This project has received too many requests" for static site

I am getting the error “This project has received too many requests, please try again later” on my project. I don’t think my project is receiving 4k requests/hour considering it’s a static site that is just hosting a comic (so static images and a few links only), I’ve only shared the link with a limited number of people, and this error message has come and gone multiple times within the hour.

I was wondering what other things could be causing this error, and how to solve it? If it helps, my project is here: Glitch

I did some tests and you site doesn’t seem to be static. Contact support@glitch.com about this.

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Just so you know, for a project to be marked ‘static’ it must not have these files:

  • requirements.txt
  • package.json
  • glitch.json

If it has any of these then it won’t be made static

Just remixed and its showing as static, try archiving and undoing that or try what @RiversideRocks said