This project has received too many requests please try again later

Glitch Project says this. IDK what to do. What should I do? help please

Glitch projects have a number of technical restrictions ( one of which is a limit to 4000 requests per hour, with a burst of 4000 requests (subsequent requests will return a 429 “Too Many Requests” response).

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I really requested it 4000 times in a single hour? Wow So I was sending 1.1 requests per second. How tho

You might have had the auto-refresh feature on, and your site open in one or more tabs while you were working on it. Depending on your typing style, it’s possible this triggered the refresh enough times that it put you over the limit.

You might try unchecking ‘Refresh Project on Changes’ to see if that will help. The option is in the editor, in the menu under your profile picture on the top right. With that unchecked, when you’re ready to see the results of your changes, just hit ‘refresh’ in the browser tab where your project is open.

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