Thoughts / plans around bun?

Bun just hit 1.0, and is growing a nice community as an alternative to Node.

Any thoughts around adding this as an option on Glitch? I’m guessing that as a minimum it might require the containers to be updated to more recent runtimes.

… I guess this is also relevant to Deno, which there seem to be no official plans to support?

Hi @andypiper - we’ve seen interest in Bun and Deno both externally and internally, but before we’re able to add them we need to get through some much needed (and happening as I type this!) work on our infrastructure. That work will make it so that we can update to containers more regularly and test these newer runtimes without causing issues with existing projects, or ending up with out-of-date runtimes like we’re working with now. I wish I had a timeline but I can tell you this is high priority for us.


Exciting stuff! I know infrastructure stuff can be complicated, so I totally understand. Glad to understand a bit more about the process and where you’re all at!