Tiny Awards - nominations open until June 14th

@anildash shared this with us this morning: a small prize awarded for a small website! Check out the Tiny Awards here: https://tinyawards.net/

I’m sharing it here because I’m sure you have made or enjoy a tiny website, on or off Glitch, and nominations are still open for a couple of days. :hatching_chick:


Oh and if you end up nominating any, share here! Glitch is not affiliated with the awards, I’m just nosy and want to see the tiny sites you love hehehe…

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the schedule says the finalists will be out tomorrow.

did anyone here submit anything? I didn’t :laughing: the criteria looked really fiddly. must work on mobile. must not exist as an app. must have launched between some given dates. aaaaaa

https://emoji-garden.glitch.me/ I’m fond of this small website though. it was featured a while ago on glitch’s blog


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