Tkinter execution

Places like or have a feature allowing users to execute tkinter code in a sandboxed gui environment. This environment is incredibly limited and would be hard to exploit.

My idea is to do this in glitch in docker containers or a VM.

I love tkinter. It’s confusing, but I managed to figure it out on a Raspberry Pi

The issue is, there is no way for screen output to be created on Glitch as it is SSH. This is the case with any SSH connection.

(me trying to open Mousepad, a GUI text editor over SSH)

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That’s why @17lwinn is asking for a different environment for tkinter projects. It would probably be too much work just for tkinter, but if it servers other purposes than they could add it

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it could be for turtle, electron, tkinter- the ideas are endless

There’s XServer forwarding, and also check out xvfb with a vnc server. Then you can use novnc to connect to that server.
there were,many attempts by me.
Pysimplegui has a web version btw
One ui framework, both native and web apps :smiley: like electron sort of

wait what