TLS authority (maybe) not recognized by Microsoft's Bot Framework

When I try to test my HyperDev app using, I get an error that it can’t establish an SSL/TLS connection.

I don’t really see any issues with the cert. HyperDev isn’t using Let’s Encrypt, is it?

Anybody else have any issues with the TLS connection to HD?

It looks like we get our certs from DigiCert, but @james would know for certain.

I do know that clients need to support SHA2 certs, SNI, and TLS1.1+ in order to use TLS with HyperDev… in the few places we’ve had trouble, it turned out the client was using SSLV3 :scream:

More details available on this SSL Labs scan

You can use plain ol’ HTTP with your apps as well, but getting to the bottom of the handshake issues sounds like a better approach :thinking:

I’d imagine the Bot Framework requires that little ol’ S. I would hope so at least. I might try without for kicks.

(I did notice that the HyperDev cert is 128-bit AES, whereas the MBF website’s is 256. I don’t really think that’s it though.)

Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like I will just need to wait until they reply to my post on their support forum! :rolling_eyes:

Got a reply at Apparently the Bot Framework only does TLS 1.0 at this time. HyperDev is too secure!

Nope! Couldn’t be that easy! Per, it does TLS 1.2 just fine.

I also tested it against another server running TLS 1.2, and it established a connection.

Anybody at HyperDev willing to grep some server logs?

Not sure what the issue was in June, but I’ve been tinkering with this a bit and Bot Framework is working nicely with GoMix- I mean Glitch- for me now. Both have changed a bit in the past few months, so who knows. Here’s a project you can remix and run with!/project/botframework-starter

One thing worth noting - be sure to put the full url in for the “Messaging Endpoint”.