To configure font-style of the code editor

I’ve been enjoying happy-coding with Glitch from japan. But Glitch’s code editor changes font-style of the code blocks into italic when they are commented-out.
The CJK character has many strokes, so they are hard to read when they become italic (we, japanese, almost never use “leaning character” usual).


   regular: 傾いていないと画数の多い文字でも読み易い
// leaning: 傾いていると画数の多い文字は読み難い

So I want to configure font-style to become my codes more readable.


(12, Mar, 2019 edit)

The above text looks like:

Hi @ShiMeiWo thanks for the suggestion! Don’t forget to vote for it yourself!

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Thank you for your reply! I voted for it myself now!

I’d like to add that I’m experiencing a similar problem with emoji in comments — they become italicized too and it just doesn’t look good. In comments image becomes:

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