Toard - A text only Bulletin Board

So long i’m not posting here, or literally not making new project in github or even glitch for a long time… So far, Here we go.

Introducing Toard, A Text-only Bulletin board where you discuss some stuff like tech, music, politics, and more. Toard is anonymous and does not need to register, And it’s front end does not using Javascript (Which is good).

Currently it has some missing feature which does not exist yet, But will implemented in the future.

Glitch Live:
Github Repo: GitHub - Yonle/Toard: A text only Bulletin board


I really like your very minimal Express style. Both in the code style and the implementation, like using Post-Redirect-Get for the Create function.

I noticed that you keep the data in an in-memory Map. Does it all go away when the app restarts?

I made a post… but I notice there’s no post discovery so I’d have to share the link… which I won’t :wink:

Oh also, you probably know this, but your random IDs will clash at some point because there’s no collision/uniqueness detection.

Nice work :smiley: I like stuff like this.

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Hi. That issue has been resolved with recent push

I also thinked about it, But i may plan to write that detection later :^)

Thanks! I glad you like it :^)


Currently, Toard is using jsoning for storing Database. Is it OK if we use quick.db for it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Why do you want to switch to QuickDB?

As the guy who made Jsoning, why would you use Jsoning?

Jokes aside, quick.db is a much more popular and stable package storing data using SQLite meant for storing data. Looking at your code and use-case, I think either might be alright.


Well, i had no idea though. Also another poll:

Shall we use quick.db or the regular better-sqlite3?

  • quick.db
  • better-sqlite3

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Just like a late release, Where it’s using Map() to store threads. Currently using it for testing, though.

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