Too many node modules installed, how do I fix it?

I have gotten the message “project botworld-beta suspended: You exceeded the disk space limit on node_modules. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at”. Now my project won’t load or anything. How am I supposed to reduce the number of node modules without being able to access the project itself? I have data I don’t want to lose stored in json in the project too. Can someone explain how one would regain access to the project?

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The best bet would be to contact a dev team.

For now all you can do is wait until a dev notice it out.
(Or I guess they have already noticed it an are looking into the root issue ?? :thinking:)

This was posted on Saturday night, Most companies will have people work Monday-Friday. I would expect a reply Monday morning, anything sooner would be amazing but understandable if they dont do business stuff on the weekend.

I suspect hiring dedicated support teams, would be beneficial to be near the top of Glitch’s “To do” list.

We’ve unsuspended your project and it should work ok now.