Too many requests while requesting from client

I was trying to crash my game server to test anticrash but then it got status “Too many requests” . Does this mean you can just stop other’s glitch projects by requesting it in loop? I dont do any requests from server, i just connect websocket from client, does that count?

My understanding is that 429 is a client error (not a server error) so it is only shown to the misbehaving client. It doesn’t bring the app down; it’s just a way of punishing (rate-limiting) a greedy client.

So the app should remain up.

But the requests was actually sending my friend from completely different location and the “Too many requests” showed for both of us

Here’s the statement of this behavior from Glitch’s help site. It does mean that projects that get too popular won’t be able to serve all the traffic, but as far as “stop other’s glitch projects by requesting it in loop” goes, the latter might be treated differently as abuse by some unspecified criteria.

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