Too much space consumed. Check this method once

Few days ago my project was bugged it was not allowing me to do any changes to the project, whenever i typed something it used to show reconnecting… and refreshes whole page and the changes whatever i had done was gone.
Thanks to Remix project, which allowed me to copy the files from the project, P.S I had to manually copy all env variables
After that i figured out that this bug was encountered due to over consumption of storage. And my project consumed too much space of approx. 150mb and this was because the previous day i had installed a npm module - bower.
Well glitch says all modules don’t consume data. But npm modules does consume data and pnpm modules dont consume data. so i opened the console of my project and ran some commands
npm uninstall bower
pnpm install bower
And like this all npm modules i uninstalled and reinstalled them using pnpm
After that boom… The space which i consumed which was 150mb dropped below 50mb

If you also have the same problem. Follow this idea