Tools Dönüp Duruyor

botumun olduğu proje habire sürekli dönüp duruyor bunun sebebi nedir ?

Can you please edit your post to english?

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Google Translate says:
The project with my boat keeps turning to the news and what is the reason for this?

Not much help really :joy:

From another translator:
What is the reason for this project was always my boot just keeps turning up?

Seems like their project won’t boot and just keeps on loading :slight_smile: That’s part of the outage isn’t it?

It is indeed, just keep patient I suppose.

But I get an error for 3-4 days

What is the error? If it isn’t code related you should email

Yardımcı olabilmemiz için lütfen hataları gönderin.

(i know some turkish since my mum is)

aga discord varsa discorddan sana hatayı atayımmı?

Logs in Tools section keep spinning. After installing the commands, it starts to reload.

Hayır, lütfen buraya gönderin.

(lmk if you want some translations)

my problem has been solved as much as you can help. Thank you