'TooManyRequests' for API requests to other sites?

I am attempting to make a web scraper/data collecting API for Roblox. I’m able to run with way more requests than I use on here on my local device just fine, so I’m somewhat sure it’s something to do with glitch (or Roblox blacklisting glitch IPs?) The request returns {‘errors’: [{‘code’: 0, ‘message’: ‘TooManyRequests’}]}. The Roblox error message for too many requests is {‘errors’: [{‘code’: 8, ‘message’: ‘The flood limit has been exceeded.’, ‘userFacingMessage’: ‘Something went wrong’}]} so I’m not sure what to do. My project is boosted as well. It seems to begin limiting after just a few requests? If there are limits for outgoing requests, what are they? If this isn’t a glitch problem, has anyone here had problems with Roblox limiting their requests from glitch specifically?

4000/hour is the limit


Yikes, that is not going to cut it. Where is this limit stated? Also, I didn’t even come close to hitting 4K requests before erring. Are there other restrictions? Pretty annoyed I only find out about this restriction after I buy boosted and after spending a good amount of time trying to check for these kinds of things. Guess I’ll be trying out other services