ip adress from glitch

for i need an ip adress to authorize for voting, how would i do this for my glitch project?

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Can you show a screenshot of this section that you need to put it an ip?

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden. is my ip adress

for the url, put, then for the authorisation put something random, on glitch go to your express server and put this code"/dblVote",function(req, res){
// This code runs when your bot gets a new vote

Error: listen EACCES: permission denied

const dbl = new DBL(config.dbl.webhookName, { webhookPort: 110, webhookAuth: config.dbl.webhookAuth });

dbl.webhook.on('ready', hook => {
    console.log(`Webhook running at http://${hook.hostname}:${hook.port}${hook.path}`);

dbl.webhook.on('vote', vote => {
    console.log(`User with ID ${vote.user} just voted!`);


You can’t run 2 express servers at the same time if your wondering.

Use app.listen(process.env.PORT) to make your express project listen.

i never nowhere app.listen. This is for my discord bot not for a site. so the dblapi should be the only one listening. the project name is pokebot-discord if you want to check

remove :110

change webhook port to process.env.PORT