torcAddons, an addon package for the glitch editor!

how would you apply the theme

its purely css, so you can use a css injector such as stylus. there are a bunch out there (stay away from one named “stylish” though)

alternatively if you already have a userscript extension like tampermonkey you can write a script that injects css for you, like this

Hey! I just updated the main torcAddons.js script to fix a couple of issues:

  1. if you load a project and are looking at a markdown file (or any other non-code file) the extension will now properly load components. (previously, you had to click on a different code file to get it to load)
  2. if the glitch project disconnects and reconnects, the extension will reload all the components instead of requiring you to refresh the page.

Your userscript extension should update this automatically, otherwise you can download it here!

Thanks! :heart:


I was wondering why I had to refresh the page after the editor reloaded…

Thanks for the update.

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Wow @torcado, this is so COOL!

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i know right!

this is amazing, i am downloading all of these later!

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is it possible to add more userscripts to the torc addons list?

@torcado Wow, Great job! Can’t wait to use these!

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torcAddons.js is built to make it easier to write addon scripts.
The repository is mostly meant for my own addons, but if you want to make your own addon utilizing the script, feel free! I may link it in the readme :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words everyone :blush:

thank you so much!!!

we can now use this and make the editor look even cooler!

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thanks for the info!

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this, is amazing, but why does the update button not work, did u not implement it yet?

*** installs stylus, and adds in a bunch of css lines to make his eyes not hurt***
i never knew about this stuff till this post

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Just looked into it, there’s an issue with the script if you have torcAddons-filetree enabled (creating top-level files causes an error, I may update the script to simply disable it since the filetree is now built into glitch!). The update button is supposed to add a new top-level file named ‘.torc-update’, if you remove/disable torcAddons-filetree it should do that.

After that, you may need to add the file to the watchlist. The github page shows an example:

adds an ‘update’ button which allows a project to update without needing to edit a watched file this works well in conjunction with the following watch.json file:

{ "install": { "include": [ "^.torc-update$" ] }, "throttle": 10 }

you can learn more about glitch’s watch.json here

basically, manualUpdate modifies the contents of .torc-update whenever you click the button, which causes the project to update (as long as it’s watching for changes to that file)

I had noticed this and was about to report it to you, so should I just disable the script?

yep, I’d say so! the only thing it does right now is move the tree above the favorites box, if you have that enabled. I may re-implement the searchbar as a separate addon!
I’m probably going to push a small update that just disables the script.

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please do such, it breaks everything every time i use it, plus, 2 search bars pop up

I updated it right after sending that reply!

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oh thank the lord :wink:

when i get home tonight, that is the first thing im checking

oh, when will a custom search bar be re-released?