Transfer old bot data to new Bot. json.sqlite


Hi, Quick question, say you made a new Discord Bot but want to transfer the old Bot’s json.sqlite Data to the New Bot. Will that be possible?

Project Name: nate-bot-new



Hey @NTMNathan there’s not a great way to do this right now. Probably the easiest thing to do is to download the project using the Download option in the tools menu and upload it to the new project. Since it’s a binary file it’ll probably be placed in the assets drawer, so you’d then need to use something like wget in your project’s console to pull it down from S3 (where things in assets are stored) into your project.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense!


I uploaded the json.sqlite to the Assets folders and attempted to do wget from the console. I am having issues unfortunately…

$ wget json.sqlite --2019-05-11 06:47:08-- http://json.sqlite/ Resolving json.sqlite (json.sqlite)... failed: Name or service not known. wget: unable to resolve host address ‘json.sqlite’

project name: nate-bot-new


That’s because you’re trying to get a url from glitch API called json.sqlite which does not exist. You need to get the url of the file then type wget (url)
Then type refresh, a file should appear in the editor with a long name. Simply rename it to what you want (json.sqlite)

You can get the url like this -
On the top of the editor hit assets a window like this should appear

If you don’t see your file, scroll down until you see it, then simply click the file, hit copy url and you’re done!