Trending project

would be cool to have a trending tag similar to github to search projects

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Thats a pretty good idea, but how would we determine how many visits it gets? Still, you have my vote.

maybe you could add a tracking code to your site, like glitch analytics

I know that the search API has a way of telling you how many have remixed your project.

What about most remixes?

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Maybe we need a starring system for each project, much like GitHub.


maybe, it could be counting how many people added it to the ‘my stuff’ collection.

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You can also see the amount of remixes in console. Run this command and you will see the project IDs (they appear to be UUIDs) of projects that remixed yours


Not sure about the most remixes.


@17lwinn u can see the most remixed project by setting the search query as the percent code for space (%20)