Trivial Inconvenience: Glitch stuck on "Loading Project" screen forever until refresh on all projects

I know there have been plenty of similar-sounding bug reports about Glitch getting stuck trying to load the editor due to running out of disk space or other problems. My projects are all fine, it’s just that, at least on Chrome/macOS, every time I go away from my Glitch project tab for too long, when I come back to it, I get this screen forever:


I can refresh the browser tab and it loads fine but it’s gradually frustrating me more and more that I have to do that. I’m used to waiting a few seconds for the project editor to reload itself when I come back to the tab. But having to do a full browser refresh every time turns out to be a lot of friction.

Is this a known problem? Are there workarounds?

I get this too. I do a hard refresh (SHIFT+F5). Still happens and is annoying if the reloads are slow.


Does anyone get this with a browser besides Chrome? It’s bugging me enough that I’m willing to switch browsers if I have to!

Using an incognito tab often fixes this. Can you give that a shot?

Update: This has fixed itself! Yay! (I never did try @RiversideRocks’s suggestion of using an incognito tab but that was smart.)


I really hope it has! I’m so fed up of having it refresh.

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