Trying to remove a custom domain from old project

Hello, just wondering if I could get removed from my project. The old project was part of my old account which I deleted but I would like to use the same domain on a new account

Custom Domain - `

Project Name -

Thanks :slight_smile:

You should contact to do that.

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I have emailed them, thank you for the suggestion. I do agree that it would be easier for them through email. I just saw some old posts regarding this and felt I could ask here

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Yep, you should use email, staff respond there these days.

Ah ok. That seems to solve my problem then :wink:

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You can expect a response that is quite speedy, tomorrow

Please Remove my custom domain.
Project name: whip-storm-soy
and my custom domain is

Hey @kabeer11000, to remove your custom domain, please email!

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Done i send the email