Turn off warnings about missing semicolons


I hope I won’t spark a religious war with this one but it’d be super nice if I could turn off the little info tips telling me my semicolons are missing. http://es6-features.org/ calls the semicolon-free version “reduced” as opposed to “traditional” syntax. In case that lends this request any credibility. :slight_smile:

Sort of related, I just learned I can stick "babel":{} in my package.json and use all the es6 aka es2015 features and OMG is it so nice!

PS: Here’s what the authors of the above site say about semicolons in es6:

ECMAScript since its earliest days supported automatic semicolon inference/insertion, of course. But people coding ECMAScript 5 started it in an era where lots of tools (especially source code compressors) had problems when semicolons where left out from the source code. As a consequence, most ECMAScript 5 coders maintained the traditional coding style with semicolons as the syntactic sugar, although in most of the cases they are not necessary. But this era is gone today. Both ECMAScript 6 and all tools (including compressors) perfectly support automatic semicolon inference/insertion nowadays. As a consequence, ECMAScript 6 coders nowadays can get rid of nearly all semicolons and remove clutter from their source code.

In other words, semicolon-free javascript is The Future.

PPS: According to @slim maybe we don’t even need Babel?



Hi dreeves,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re currently using the default Ace JS syntax highlighting and I agree that it’s treatment of ES6 is less than ideal. One day we would love to have much better warnings and control over warnings for the syntax highlighting. I can assure you that it is on our list, though I can’t make a promise as to when we’ll get to it :slight_smile:.