TurtleWave Verify

Project URL: TurtleWave Verify

TurtleWave Verify is on TurtleWave Browser.
Use TurtleWave Verify, a easy to-use verification system! TurtleWave Verify lets you verify if the user on your site is actually a human! TurtleWave Verify will give the user a question. If they answer the question correctly, they will be given a code to continue. If they don’t get the answer correct, the page will reload giving them a new question. To set it up, just press copy at TurtleWave Verify
and add it to your HTML page! For more info, read the FAQ at TurtleWave Verify.

oh man everything is like black on dark gray

yeah, i’m working on that. It uses black so you cant interact with the rest of the page until you verify

I’m thinking about adding this to my website. However, what would the user do with the code when they get the question right?


the user can delete the part saying “correct! your code is:” and it will work

but im changing that so it will do that itself

try the new version, it just updated. It makes it way easier

Okay. It’s kind of confusing though. Wouldn’t it work better if as long as the user answered the question correct they could continue? And if it was wrong it would either reload the page(therefore asking them another question) or ask them another question.

i just updated it and you just add the number in the code. It will already have the “turtlewaveverifycode” text and if they put in the number correctly they continue. They will be prompted to do this after they answer the question correctly. If they get the question incorrect, it reloads as it always did. Sorry if this is confusing

Alright! Thanks!

if you use it is it fine if i can see what project you used it on? Just asking because i saw some of your projects and they are cool.

Thanks! I was thinking about using it on StudentCenter

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