[Tutorial] Get your Glitch project on a domain!

Again: I cannot get thanks. I cant find ppl who want help…

This never shows up with somebody.

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Ah, I understand now. I have more thanks on the site than anyone else, but I haven’t helped the most people - the majority of the thanks came from creating useful resources that other people valued. I suggest you try doing the same.

Meanwhile, does going to https://fly.io/sites directly work?


YESS THAT IS WHAT I WANTED!!!:exploding_head::triumph::triumph::joy::smiley:


Glad you got what you needed! :slight_smile:

  • Now go to your DNS provider’s DNS managment area -.

    How can i get there?
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Hey @LeeeRoux, welcome to the Glitch forum!

This depends on who your DNS provider is. You can see a couple of examples at https://glitch.com/help/custom-domain/, but if you let us know who you use for your DNS someone might be able to provide specific guidance.

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Hey @cori , Thanks for helping.

I got it already, Sorry i didn’t think about it before asking :sweat_smile:

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this comment should be pinned or something

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Hey, @lucasverra! Welcome to the Glitch Forums!

For some people Glitch’s built in custom domains may not be an option because you require 2 thanks in Glitch.

Also, while your using Glitch’s custom domains you miss out on lots of extra custom features.

Personally, I do it the manual way as I have more control over my domain and it’s easier to troubleshoot (sometimes).

I believe the built in domains for Glitch are good for people that just want to get their project on a domain without any extra customisation. However, for the more experienced users the manual way maybe a better option.

Happy glitching!


thanks for the insight, make sens.

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