[Tutorial] Get your Glitch project on a domain!

The name servers should be the ones Cloudflare provides you with.
Then you use Cloudflare’s DNS to add your .shw.io CNAMEs.

Still not working

thanks so much for your patience on this…

so now my name servers are the ones Cloudflare provided me with which are these (does it look correct?)
Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 12.06.40

Then I used cloudflare’s DNS to add my shw.io CNAMES
this is what it looks like on cloudflare (is that first one that just says www correct?)
Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 12.07.41

and then I am still using the shw.io CNAMES on squarespace in the DNS records section??
Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 12.08.59

I think for me i’m just confused about what information is going where … i’ve tried a lot of different combinations to crack it but still broken… :frowning:

ah wait I deleted everything and started the instructions in the first post from scratch… I get this error on fly.io right at the beginning when I add my site… could this be the problem?

Click on the temp link and if your site shows fine just press Continue Anyway (it happens to me a lot).

Thanks, but the method didn’t work so I have deleted my fly.io account and cloudflare account and now i’m trying the standard glitch way instead but I don’t know if I did it right it’s still not working (I started another topic here Custom domain not working..tried everything :(
are you possibly able to take a look if it’s not too much trouble?

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This tutorial should be updated.
Going to https://fly.io/sites now gives a 404 page.

four-oh-four, maybe lost

It’s giving a 404 because you’re logged out of fly.io. Login to fly.io and visit fly.io/sites again and it should work!

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@xXProGamerXx One question - is fly.io free?

And could I use this for multiple sites?

fly.io is free if you’re using the Sites option. However, the apps option is not free and you can get billed after you use up all of your free credit.

So if I was to put a markdown site on this, would it be free?

I’m still getting a 404 even after signing in.
I also had already had a site on fly.io and it’s now returning a “Not Found”. (discord.dankzone.xyz)

Okay, that’s strange! @xXProGamerXx, I’m also getting a 404 as well.

My worst fears have been confirmed. Fly.io has officially shutdown Fly.io sites even for signed in users(just like how libraries get deprecated). Our fly.io dashboard sites continue to work, but I think they will shut down those next.

By fly.io dashboard sites I mean sites made using this tutorial not ones using the built in custom domains feature in tools.

R.I.P Magical Dashboard 2020
Press heart if you want to pay respects

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Maybe I’ll try emailing fly.io and I’ll let you guys know what is gonna happen!


Thank you very much…it would help a lot

As for Glitch users trying to add new custom domains through this tutorial, here is a new tutorial as of January 2020 by @jenn: https://fly-io-domain-setup.glitch.me/

Do we have to pay? I hope not otherwise we might have to avoid fly.io

No, I think fly.io/dashboard/apps is free!

They must have merged the apps and sites together. Horray! Hostnames is a new option I belive. I openned a older app and didn’t see the hostnames tab pop up.
Sadly we’ve lost control over our old fly.io/site style apps

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I can’t add hostnames because Fly sends me an error that says glitch.me is owned by some other org (Glitch, Inc.). So, that’s means I only use Fly when going to Tools -> Custom Domains and follow prompts?