[Tutorial] Get your project on a custom domain!


There are 2 options that you can do to get your project webpage shown with a custom domain.
I would recommend option 2 if you would like upgraded HTTP connection to have secured https!
You will need 2 thanks on glitch to be able to go through with option 1 so option 2 will have to be the method you use!
Option 1:

  • Go to your project and go to the bottom left “Tools section”
  • Click “Custom Domains”
  • Enter in your url you would like to link.
  • Go to your domain control panel. Go to the DNS configuration.
  • Use @ if the url you used is an apex link (yourwebsite.com) or the subdomain if you used one (www.yourwebsite.com).
  • Have the DNS configuration point to “glitch.edgeapp.net” or else the shw.io link you were provided with on glitch!
  • All done! (Test and see if it works).

Option 2:

  • Go to the website: https://fly.io
  • Create an account (Or login if you already have one).
  • Go to the following page => https://fly.io/sites (Only shows page when logged in**)
  • Click the “New site” option.
  • Select “Hosting service” and glitch “Glitch”
  • Enter the URL of your glitch project.
  • Enter the domain you are using.
  • Go to your dns configuration and set the host pointing to the shw.io link you are given!
  • All done! (Go to the middleware and add https upgrader to use https instead of http)


What is the shw.io domain, what does it mean, and who registered it?



When adding a custom domain via Glitch (Tools > Custom Domains) you get issued with a shw.io url via Fly that relates to your specific project. You should copy it for use later as you follow the rest of the instructions.



If this is for the fly.io method, when adding the website it will come up during the setup with your shw.io link!



You can also use glitch.edgeapp.net instead of the shw.io link - that CNAME destination should work for any Glitch Custom Domain.

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