Tutorial Section & Custom Domain Removing Tool

just a category for posting tutorials on things
i would like it because i learn new things every day and i want to share them with all glitch users

also the custom domains are quite annoying
i link it once
i foget the link
i try again
and i cant because i already linked it once

Hi @NezbednikSK,

I totally agree with you! And a new category for posting tutorials would be great, especially with detailed instructions. :grinning:

Hello, @NezbednikSK.

I understand your frustration. You might be amazed to know that you do not really need to remember all the shw.to URLs. Just point the domain which you have already set in your project to It will work as it is intended to.


I know, but i forgot to write it down.
Now i can’t link anything to it.

These are great ideas – would you be up for splitting them out into two separate #feature-ideas posts? I think it would help people to vote for them separately

sure! i will do that

tutorials section: Tutorials Section
custom domains: Custom Domain Removal Tool