TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'members')

at cezaVer (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\owsla guard\bot.js:1351:53)
async function cezaVer(test, kisiID, tur) {

let MEMBER = test.guilds.cache.get(Config.Guild).members.cache.get(kisiID);

if (!MEMBER) return;

if (tur == "jail") return MEMBER.roles.cache.has(Config.Booster) ? MEMBER.roles.set([Config.Booster, Config.Jail]) : MEMBER.roles.set([Config.Jail]).catch()

if (tur == "ban") return MEMBER.ban({

    reason: "Guard"


if (tur == "kick") return MEMBER.kick().catch(console.error);;

at Client. (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\owsla guard\bot.js:793:15)


 * @type {GuildMember}


let member = await channel.guild.members.fetch(entry.executor.id).then(m => m).catch(() => undefined);

if (member && member.bannable) {

    await cezaVer(ChannelGuard, member.id, "ban");

    sendLog(`Kanal silme işlemi gerçekleşti

Kanalı silen kişi: ${entry.executor.tag} (${entry.executor.id})

Silinen kanal: ${channel.name}

Silen kişiyi banlayıp, silinen kanalı izinleriyle birlikte yeniden oluşturdum`)


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