TypeError: (intermediate value) ... is not a function

Hi, i’m new to writing discord bots, and wanted to write a bot for some ideas people could give me. (my project name is “impossible-night-goat”) you would input the command (as a test name it is frick) and your idea. Then the bot would re-post it on the announcements channel with a nice little embed. Everything was going smoothly until I tried the embed. I came to a roadblock when I saw the error message, and searched around for a solution but none worked. Can someone please help me? (I’m very new to coding so I apologise if I don’t understand lots)
I’ll include the code for the entire command, along with a screenshot of the error message.

if(command === “frick”) {

const channelName = “vote”
//tells bot the channel name to send in is vote
const sayMessage = args.join(" ");
//does the thing which like yknow does the thing
const messageAuthor = message.member.user.tag;
//gets the users name lol

const ideaEmbed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
//creates new constant for the idea embed
//sets the colour as a blue
//sets the main title as the idea
.setAuthor(‘Idea by’ + messageAuthor)
//tells everyone who created the idea
{ name: ‘Reactions’, value: ‘:joy: - you love the idea’, value: ‘:neutral_face: - you dont care for the idea’, value: ‘:scream: - you hate the idea’ },
//sets the array of reactions for the idea
//sets thetimestamp
.setFooter(“Powered by Jesse’s flop of a brain”)

const channel = client.channels.find(‘name’, channelName)
//sends the idea embed
//deletes original message

Are you using the stable or master version of discord.js?

I’m really sorry if i’m completely oblivious of your question, but I beleive it may be using the stable version…

const Discord = require(“discord.js”);

Try changing addFields to addField and use the correct method signature addField(title: string, content: string, inline?: boolean).

It worked! Thank you so much!