Typescript File Formatting

Hey, I am using typescript in a glitch project. The file formatting works well, however there is one “error.” The editor can’t format the .ts file if it has optional chaining (object?.property), non-null assertion (object!.property), or nullish coalescing (isNull ?? isFalse) anywhere. I am using the latest version of typescript and nodeJS version 14.

Hi there, thanks for reporting this. I’ll have the team take a look and see if we can get that button formatting with these syntaxes.

By the way, I cannot replicate the formatting not working with non-null assertions (but I can with optional chaining and coalescing. If you can provide a snippet of code using it that gives you the formatting error, that will help me debug!

Hi, the editor seems to be working fine now on non-null assertions; I must’ve been mistaken. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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