Ubiquitous Color Picker popping up unwanted in my code

I’m working with Phaser 3, and for some reason, a color picker keeps being added to my code in places where I am not specifying a color such as in front of the word ‘constructor’. I can delete it by backspacing up to the brace in the line above but as soon as I press return after the brace and then add a few spaces, the color picker appears again in front of the word ‘constructor’. Can anyone tell me what is going on? The code seems to be running ok but it looks weird with the little square in front of ‘constructor’. When I hover over the little square it says ‘color picker’ and if I click on it it shows a color chart.

Hi @laserblue

I’m sorry that the color picker is showing up where it should not!

This is a bug that our team is working to fix. We will post in this forum thread once it is resolved.

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