uBlock Origin blocking over 1k ads?

uBlock Origin is apparently blocking over one thousand ads on Glitch which is way, way more than I’ve ever seen it block. Is there any reason for that?

Hey @lpc, I don’t usually use uBlock, but I installed it to see what you were seeing; those blocked requests aren’t ads; they’re mostly scripts that are important for Glitch to run properly. In my browser they include requests to Amazon’s S3 (for site assets), GitHub (because I’ve allowed Glitch access to my GitHub account), WebType (for fonts), and CloudFlare, along with a few sites we use for analytics. Some of those requests happen repeatedly, so the longer you have your editor window open the more requests will appear to be blocked.

If it were me I would disable uBlock for Glitch.com urls - that’s what I do for the blocker I use. We don’t serve ads and only collect site visit information to better understand how community members are using the site and its features so we can continue to improve the site. Any information we collect is anonymous and we have no plans to share your information in any way and would talk to the community before we change that.

Let us know if you have further questions!

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Thanks, I’ll just disable it for Glitch URLs. :slight_smile: