Uh...I'm not understanding the discobot thingy

OK, so today i got promoted a trust level (now i’m a member) and i got a message from a robot:

and i’m not sure what i’m supposed to do…please help…

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Just follow it!

it will gives you License Badge!


i’m sorry, but i don’t understand what that means…

Ok, so type @discobot start advanced tutorial (not here, but in that DM message with Discobot) and it’ll give you a couple of instructions on advanced features of this forum. Completing the instructions given by Discobot will earn you a badge!


i did type that but it didn’t give me any instructions…

that’s probably a glitchhhh

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OK so I’m still stuck with this weird discobot nonsense. Can someone please help?

Please don’t bump old threads. If you want more info on discobot, please post in meta.discourse.org.