Uhh well this isnt cool

https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=glitch.me i use norton extensions and glitch/me is rated unsafe bc of 1 project that got removed anyways. this still means that nortion geives me this red screen saying its unsafe every time i load a glitch project. it gets really annoying at times. so can you fix this? and im intrested in how he did this kinda thing was it just a ip tracker image or was it a huge code database of ips and crap

Hey @geoffrey1900 we’re aware of the Norton rating and they’re reevaluating the site right now, so you shouldn’t see the warnings for long.

I’m not sure what you mean by the second half of your post; can you help me understand what you’re looking for?


im wondering what did he do like did he just take ips with a image tracker or is it like somthing for a fake login to steal data or what was he doing
i dont need the code im just wondering what kind of thing did he do

Oh, I see. In this case that project was a phishing site for a bank.

ahh so it stole info with a fake login i was just wondering lol

I use Norton as well, and this started happening to me again today.

oooooooooooooof welp

i think you can disable extentions on sites

hi @Irreflexive - thanks for letting us know about this! there was malware detected on a project which we removed, we’ll now see about getting norton to reevaluate!

Norton has reevaluated glitch.me as safe; thanks for the report!

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