UI bug in console panel duplicating left side to right

I sometimes have a “mirror” of the console on the right of my screen. What happens on the left is also on the right “mirror”

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@angelo, also what @javaarchive has said:

Right! I haven’t been able to reproduce that — @javaarchive and @khalby786, do you have steps that I could try following that consistently cause that?

Lemme see…it always happens when I don’t want it to happen…


@angelo, I got it to reproduce by

  1. Open the console
  2. Type a simple command like pwd.
  3. Go offline without closing the page.
  4. Come back online.
  5. The Glitch page will automatically refresh with the console open.
  6. And there you have it…
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I noticed that too, some weeks ago.
I don’t understand why though.

For me I didn’t have to go offline, if I remember correctly, as for the bug it happened to me too, I was gonna report a couple days ago, but forgot

Hmm, this doesn’t reproduce the issue for me, probably because the editor isn’t reloading after I re-connect to the internet. Did you stay disconnected for some period of time, @khalby786? Or was it enough to just disconnect from WiFi and then reconnect right away?

Sorry I didn’t mention, I did stay disconnected for some period of time!

Ah yes, now I see it! I had to wait until I saw a “ping timeout” error with a “Reconnect” button overlaid on the console panel, then reconnect.

I’ll flag this for the team to investigate. Thanks again!

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