Unable to access own project


I’ve got some sort of problem trying to access one of my projects. I have 3 (private) projects, and 2 of them I can access their projects just fine, but 1 of them doesn’t seem to be opening. This project is currently stuck on “Fetching Project” and no error messages have cropped up just yet (I am writing this as the project is attempting to lad, and has been for a few minutes now). Also, the Live version of the app isn’t loading, as it is either stuck on a blank page, or the last page that was visited before trying to access the project’s domain.

I’ve made the project public for now for further investigation, if required. The project name is under “ajota”.

EDIT: After some refreshing of the project, I got an error 504 Gateway Timeout. Hoping this might be of some use.

Yep. Same problem here.

Sorry about that. We think we have it stabilised now, but we’ll continue to monitor.

There is a minor change I have noticed. Attempting to visit the project’s domain does show the Waking Up screen, though it doesn’t progress further than that. As for the editor itself, I still cannot access it.

Yeah, sorry about that - we’re still seeing issues, so we’re continuing to work on it.

Has this been resolved? The status.glitch.com indicates that an update was deployed, but none of my projects are working. The code editor has the spinning icon next to Logs and Show, and the show live site never gets beyond spinning the “starting…” dialogue. It was working this AM for me, but went down at roughly 1PM ET.

No, we’ve made a number of changes and we’re currently monitoring them to test the impact and inform further action. When we have it licked we’ll update the status page to say it’s resolved. In the meantime, if you let us know your project name we can take a look. Thanks.

Thanks for the response Gareth, and understood.

Project link: https://glitch.com/~p2-request-header-parser

In this case, your problem is caused by an extraneous comma in package.json on line 13 - you should be seeing “parse error: Expected another key-value pair at line 14, column 3” in your logs indicating this. When you remove it, it’ll work fine.

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Wow, my mistake. My apologies for the oversight and confusion. I made the change and everything fires up. Appreciate you taking a look at this for me!