Unable to change the URL on my project!

I have been trying to change the URL of brxtn.glitch.me to brxtn.glitch.me/memoryquilt but have been unable to do so! Am I able to get help for changing it manually here?

Hi there @brixton!
Welcome to the Glitch community! :glitch:
If you are using a static site (one without a package.json) than you can just make a folder called memoryquilt and put the index.html and other files in there. You can make other folders for other sections and add a index.html in the main directory for a main page on the domain

If you have a project with a package.json this will depend on what language/frameworks you are using for the server. For example, for nodejs express you can use express routing

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @EddiesTech!

Thanks for the speedy reply! This was my first glitch project, but seeing a bit more of how this works, I’m wondering if it may be wiser to build a brxtn.glitch.me page as a landing page and simply call the project I’ve made memoryquilt.glitch.me. Would I be able to change the URL in that way and still be able to create another project under the brxtn URL?


No, that’s not possible, sorry.