Unable to check email for Fastly invite

The email I used to sign up to Glitch is a firewalled inbound+outbound email, so I don’t get any Glitch promo emails. This may include the Fastly + Glitch testing invite.

Can someone on the team check if I was sent the invite but never recieved it? My account is “pb.oliver.mcloughlin”

If by invite you mean were you added to the testers group on here, you have been! If you emailed me directly and are waiting for a response I would have sent one by now.

I mean this: Glitch + Fastly

I hit the join button a while ago but I never was able to see if I was added :frowning:

Oh, we haven’t sent anything to that list yet! Very soon though!

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Is it possible to switch the email address ascociated with a Glitch account then? I want to switch it to eris@erisws.com :slight_smile: (My Glitch account is a Google account :frowning:)

EDIT: I am a fool and didn’t look at the settings. Email switched!


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