Unable to clear any space at all

My project, “koleotank-arrasio-master2” at like 95% disk space, and this has mostly to do with junk data I can’t get rid of without using git prune; git gc, yet I’m unable to use it because of the said lack of space.

The thing gets to like near completion, and then stops because of this error:

Checking connectivity: 108962, done.
Counting objects: 108962, done.
Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (55145/55145), done.
fatal: sha1 file '.git/objects/pack/tmp_pack_0CySWx' write error: No space left on device
error: failed to run repack

Help would be appreciated.

You should contact support@glitch.com and ask for more space for 24 hours.


Moved this to #glitch-help!

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I still haven’t gotten anything back from them, despite emailing that mail for like the umpteenth time.

Probably because its the weekend. iirc most support emails don’t reply on the weekends.


Yes. Glitch support will not be active until 10PM EST tommorow.


Oh alright, I forgot ^^’

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Hi @Koleotank,

I’m not seeing a support request related to your project or email in our system. When did you send it? If you have a ticket number, can you please let me know what it is? I want to make sure that your emails are getting through.

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I’ve sent it again.