Unable to connect to my account with google

Hello, I’m trying to connect to my glitch account with google and I have this message :

Cannot GET /signin/google

Glitch status look OK.

Does anyone have the same problem ?

Cheers !

ps : magic link works

Same issue for me: just tried to login 10 mins ago with email + pw, then with magic link, neither work, and got the same “Cannot GET X” error message.

Tried on phone (Chrome) and laptop (Edge) and got the same error msg. Hopefully it will be one of those “works when you try again tomorrow” problems!

Hi @Jerome_Binachon & @Anthony - we deployed an update that should fix this issue. If you still are having issues, email support@glitch.com

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Hi @jenn it’s working again ! thanks :slight_smile:

@jenn working fine for me too, thanks!