Unable to create an account or load projects

Hi! Sorry to come here to first raise an issue, but I’d really love to take advantage of Glitch! I seem to be totally unable to create an account or load any projects, and am not receiving any error messages. Using any of the options to create an account (Facebook, Google, GitHub, “magic link”) simply leads to a white screen, I guess waiting for a response? Similarly, when trying to start a new project by cloning (I’m using this link from FreeCodeCamp to try to work on some of their curriculum, which just lands on the “Loading Project” screen, and eventually a Chrome (I’m using Chrome on Windows 10, by the way) message pops up saying “There was an error starting the editor. Maybe try to reload?”. Thanks for your attention, and I hope it’s helpful for me to bring this up!


It seems the API is currently down.

Great first post by the way. You provided a ton of detail.


https://status.glitch.com/ the api seems to be completely down, they will fix it whenever they feel like it…

Huh, yeah I see now that on the status page the API Uptime graph has had some dips, I didn’t catch that at first. Thanks to both of you @RA80533 and @thekitdev for the quick responses!