Unable to create projects

Hello there,

For a few days now,I have a couple of students with the same problem, they are unable to create new / remix projects. Every time they get an error from Glitch. We tried with different browsers already. They are signing in with github (don’t know if that help).
This is very problematic for them.


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Hi MAKIO135,

Could you please tell us what the error says every time you try to create a new / remix a project?


This very recent issue seems to be related:

@glitch_support can we get some clarity on this matter, whether any new limits have been imposed on the number of projects that can be created vs number of projects that can be remixed?

Can someone attempt to reproduce this issue and see if it’s happening?

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For me, it works perfectly fine :confused:

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Just interested, from something common I found from both the cases, with what service did you login, like was it GitHub or Google or any other option?

it was github, actually.

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Ok, then my hypothesis was wrong. :pensive:

I have contacted support@glitch.com although I’m unable to reproduce this issue myself.

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So I have received a response from Tasha, and there is a limit, but not on the number of projects you can create/remix. It’s a limit of the time interval.

This week, we put a restriction on the number of projects/collections/teams a new user can create within the first 48 hours of account creation. This is a short-term measure to prevent a sudden surge of spam we are getting. We are working on deploying a longer-term strategy for this soon.


They have the following message: “an error occured when trying to create this project, please try again later”.


So as @khalby786’s suggestion, you must wait 48 hours before creating projects! (At least that’s what i understood)

Hope you have a nice day!


Yes, thanks for your quick reply :pray: