Unable to edit profile picture on profile


Has anyone else had issues updating their profile picture? It seems like there should be a button here similar to “Upload Cover”, but I’m not seeing one:


You can’t currently update your profile photo (we use your facebook or github avatar). We plan to eventually add that feature though


If the Facebook or Github profile photo is changed, is it changed on Glitch too?


Yes, we don’t store it.


Cool. Thanks for clarifying!


Though Glitch doesn’t even use my facebook or github avatar:


My github account is: ihack2712


It looks like I already see the profile photo from https://github.com/ihack2712 on https://glitch.com/@ihack2712


That’s because Glitch recently added the feature, so I added it on Glitch. My avatar on github has nothing to do with the avatar on Glitch.

P.S. Thanks glitch for adding that feature back!