Unable to export project to github?!

Hi, i made a new repositery in github and tried to export my glitch website to it
it says that export succesfull but nothing happens in github

and it takes me to this every time i export https://glitch.com/edit/?code=118cfa544ba444e7f838#!/?code=118cfa544ba444e7f838

Sorry to hear that. Have you initialized the new repo by adding a file like a readme to it? This needs to be done before Glitch can export to it. Also, if you’re using an Organization repo you need to enable third-party access for Glitch before hand.

yes i added a readme file and its not an organization repo

If you look at the javascript console in chrome, you’ll probably see an error in the network tab. If you give us the details of the response from that request, we might be able to tell you more.


Yes, that’s what we’re looking for. If you go to the network tab and find that same request, clicking on the request should give you some tabs on the right side. The one we want is the response.


Hi @ayoubmadrid,

we am sorry you’re having issues! Can you tell us your glitch user name? Did you log in with facebook?

my glitch username is AyoubMadrid and i logged in with github

Hi @ayoubmadrid,

we just deployed a fix that should allow you to import and export :slight_smile: Let us know!