Unable to grant github

I have no way to use github.
When I click on “grant access” button I get a page with this message :

Page Not Found

Maybe a typo, or perhaps it’s moved?

Back to Glitch

This is related to the current glitch outage, https://status.glitch.com

Hi Anish,

I’m not looking for an excuse or an explanation, I’m looking for a solution …

Best regards, …


You have to wait for the outage to be fixed before you can do anything. That’s literally your only option.


That’s a little rude… someone just told you that it wasn’t within our control.


Submit a ticket

Hi suhd00d,

That’s I call an help … Thank’s … :slight_smile:

Sometime it’s fastest to reinstall than debug

You can’t just reinstall everything in life you know.
This is something out of our control, there’s nothing we can do about.

You know this site is a programing site … I’m programming on it …
so … Thank’s, Cpt. OBVIOUS …[sic]

I’m confused as to why you’re calling me “Captain Obvious” for something I didn’t mention. I never said this was a programming site, all I said was we don’t know.

The only thing I don’t know right now is : When glitch.com will be fully operational [sic]?

We don’t know when glitch will be operation, are you even reading what I’m saying?


That doesn’t do anything…Glitch is aware about the downtime, opening a ticket just gets in there way, its alerting them about something that they allready know about.