Unable to install agular in ubuntu 18.4


hallo am in rural kenya and am a farmer learning coding .Am getting this error message when installing angular
536 error code EIO
537 error errno -5
538 error syscall read
539 error EIO: i/o error, read
540 verbose exit [ -5, true ]


Hi @zackmatere, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Can you share the process you’re following that results in these errors? Sharing your project name could also be helpful.

For the most part in Glitch projects installing something like Angular is handled by putting it in your project’s package.json file, at which point Glitch will take care of installing it for you. Is that what you’re attempting, or are you attempting a different process? You might try taking a look at https://glitch.com/~angular-quickstart as a place to start working with Angular in Glitch.


thanks A lot i finally managed to install angular though it was quite a challange.
i want to create about 100 websites for a hundred schools in rural kenya which is why am doing coding beyond that i want to learn to develop apps


Hey @zackmatere sorry for the bother! I’d love to hear about the difficulties you had so we can consider how it might have been easier for you. Would you be willing to tell us about them?


thanks it actually was a problem with the version of npm unfortunately while looking for solutions online i gave a command that made the npm folder read-only and i took a couple of hours to de-bug that. Unfortunately i am not technically competent enough to give an outline of the process . was basically a lot of trial and error

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That’s great info that might help someone else in the future! Thanks for sharing it!