Unable to install Puppeteer

Hello guys, I am trying to install the node.js module puppeteer, however it says that I am out of space. I understand that much, but here’s the thing. The puppeteer module says that it is 125 MB, my project files are ~50 MB, this means that I should be able to install puppeteer with ~20 MB left over, give or take a little. Why can’t I?

What errors do you see in the logs? How do you install the module? Can you try to run pnpm install puppeteer in your console?

Hey, thanks for the reply. I try to install puppeteer with npm install puppeteer. This works until npm tries to install the actual browser. Then it says that it has run out of space.
Now, after running pnpm install puppeteer I got no errors and everything seems to install correctly. What does that command do?

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It places node_modules in a different directory that doesn’t consume your disk space.


Thank you very much.

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