Unable to link account with GitHub

Hi there,
whenever I try to login with GitHub, I get the following error -

(I’ve obscured the ID incase it’s considered personal information)

Not sure how to proceed from here…

Hey @TechPhil,

I’ll ping @glitch_support to notify Glitch Staff or if your prefer, you can email support@glitch.com.

And be sure to send them that ID as it can be used for debugging.

I hate to be annoying, but pinging @glitch_support again - still no response? I’ve also sent an email to you guys

Hi @TechPhil,

I’m sorry we didn’t respond sooner!

I saw another report of this over the weekend, but it seemed to resolve itself.

Are you still receiving this error message? If so, please let us know here.

Just wondering if there are any updates to this? I’m still getting the same error - I think i did email, but I can’t remember now!