Unable to Load / Edit Project (But Can Preview It) - Blank Screen, No Error Message

Hi all,

I am unable to edit any project. When I click edit, the editor attempts to load, but ultimately renders a blank page. There are no error messages.

The only fix I’ve found to work is to close Chrome and reopen it. It works only temporarily, then the same glitch reoccurs. This is quite unfeasible and tedious. I can preview projects, however.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Leo!

sorry to read that :frowning: can you please check the following for me:

  1. does the problem occur in Incognito mode?
  2. if you open the chrome webconsole (Cmd+Alt+I) when you’re in the editor, does it show any error?
  3. does the problem occur on other browsers?

My first thought is that perhaps some Chrome extension you’ve enabled is interfering with the editor?

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Thank you for such a swift response. That was* my first thought as well. I disabled the Great Suspender (which has caused problems in the past with cookies), and other extensions I suspect might contribute to the problem.

  1. The problem does not occur in Incognito mode!
  2. Yes. My console when in regular browsing mode:

  1. I was unable to reproduce the error on Safari (it’s actually particularly zippy in this browser).

Perhaps I have configured Chrome in such a way that is interfering with Glitch. Thank you so much for your help thus far. Very helpful.

Very strange! No errors in the console :thinking: One last thing you can try, when the problem occurs, is the following: while you have your webconsole open, you can long click on the refresh button, and a submenu will appear: click on “Empty cache and Hard Reload”. Perhaps you just have some invalid cached copy of the editor saved somewhere by Chrome :slight_smile:

The “Empty cache and Hard Reload” option did not work. I will continue tinkering with extensions and try to identify the problem. Will report back my findings. Thank you!

Hi, same issue, looks like Web of Trust add-in was causing the same issue for me.