Unable to load Glitch Project in Editor

I’m trying to load my project in the glitch editor, but it seems stuck. Wondering what to do…other projects load up just fine. Any thoughts? Here’s a link to the project:

DId you remove or set this project to private? Only it says it doesn’t exist

Hi Gareth, I believe I messed things up when doing a Github import into my Glitch project, and now I can’t get the Glitch project to load because of some node errors. Is there any way you can entirely reset my project? The URL for the project is frame.glitch.me

I’ve been having a blast with Glitch! So good.

You’re able to roll back a project to before an import using Rewind - see https://glitch.com/help/how-do-i-rollback-changes-with-rewind/

Sadly, rewind doesn’t function for the project as it never loads up. Any other ideas? Any kind of manual reset you can do?



The problem is that the disk is full. Try some of the suggestions here: https://glitch.com/help/when-i-try-to-edit-a-project-it-just-refreshes-and-doesnt-save-my-changes/